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Weight Training Coach
Workout Routines For Any Fitness Level

Research shows weight training promotes weight loss, cardiac health,diabetes control and prevents bone loss. Wow, toss in your best beach body, win, win!!!

If you are searching for useful weight training advice, look no further, you are here. Body building is not really complicated. Think of Arnold's accent, apply it to this phrase. I pick things up and i put them downnn ...This is the basis of weightlifting. All be it, with a little added humor.

The idea is to add additional weight to natural movements. There by increasing stress in your body's muscular system. Your body will adapt, by becoming stronger and adding muscle. Depending upon which workout routine you choose, a large or small muscular increase, will occur. Your choice.

pushup, added resistance, pushup bottom position, bodyweight exercise
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Good example of added weight too a natural movement. We knew their was a use, for our kids. Other than tax deductions, food disposal and couch cushions.

pushup, added resistance, pushup bottom position, bodyweight exercise
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Weight Training Is The New Aerobics

Weight training is the new aerobics. As the medical community and researchers investigate weightlifting, the results are astounding. Resistance training benefits include weight loss. More importantly fat loss. Muscle increases our metabolism, therefore increasing calorie burn.

Improved cardiac health. Soon to be known as the heart break cure. No seriously, weight lifting reduces heart rate. Strength training increases arterial flow to the limbs. Weight Training lowers blood pressure by as much as 20 percent. Increased strength prepares the body for daily activity. Reducing stress upon the heart.

Resistance training aids in blood sugar control as in diabetes. Muscle training improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. These are two of the factors that contribute to type II diabetes. A healthy body uses glucose more efficiently, relieving stress placed upon the pancreas, to over produce insulin.

Baby boomers get on board. Weight lifting or resistance training increases strength, endurance and independence. A strong body will keep you out of the hospital and nursing home. I want a long and independent life. Strength training equals freedom. Never mind the increased wow factor. Honestly weightlifting is no longer optional.

This site will take you through all facets of weight training. Learn more for your health. Here is a list of some of the articles featured.

  • Ab Workouts
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Body Building
  • Female Fitness
  • Male Fitness
  • Quick Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Supplements
  • Weight Training Routines
  • Workout Routines

Each review will include applications for novice to advanced weightlifters.

We will explore the differences between young, mature and older athletes.

Male weight lifting routines versus female weight lifting routines. There is a style of resistance training for everyone.

Together lets discover what works for you. Regardless of time constraints, physical limitation, age, there is a lifting program for you.

Your goal could be physical fitness, body building, strength training or injury rehabilitation. Whatever it is weight exercises, will get results. Resistance training works faster than any other method.

For my female trainees (yes mom that's you) this site is a must have. Women bodybuilders to fitness models or anywhere in between, this is your site.

Workout routines for women seem to be lacking in quality. In most gyms women are shown, ineffective and often dangerous weight lifting exercises. Body building exercises need to be safe in order to be productive.

Why are women taught differently than men? I am not sure. Is the mentality that women are more delicate or weak? Please how absurd.

The women I train are tough, dedicated and excel when they learn proper technique and exercise selection. Women are the driving force behind the aerobics phenomenon. Give women access to proper weight lifting programs. Good coaching, quality exercises and they will propel gym memberships to new heights.

Why waste time on weight lifting routines that under deliver? On this site you will find all the necessary information you need. I promise results with quick and efficient workouts.

Weightlifting workouts for women, can deliver numerous benefits. Muscle training increases metabolism. Increased metabolism burns fat. Incredible but weight exercises combat bone loss. Even better strength training has been proven to reverse bone loss. Osteoporosis has an enemy. Strength training, bodybuilding and all forms of weight training fight osteoporosis.

Body building is any weight using regiment that changes your body composition. Strength training to circuit training fall under the heading of bodybuilding. Use some form of weight exercise to develop the physique you want. Truly that is body building.

Unfortunate but the word bodybuilding carries a negative association with steroids. As Vinny would say, fugged bout it. Body building is a great sport. Call yourself a natural bodybuilder or strength trainer as long as you train with weights. Truly that is what will make a difference.

You are the sculptor, the weights are the chisel. Your artistry comes from the weight training program you have designed. If carefully constructed and followed a good workout routine delivers results. A great weightlifting program over delivers. Cutting down on wasted time and energy. This is what we want and need.

Seriously we all want to be healthy. Maybe it is a bit vain but we all want a great body. Here is your ticket. You have found your personnel weight training coach. Use it, discover what works and what does not work.

From beginner weight routines to advanced, this site gives you what you need. Together we will build your weight exercise program. Lets cut through the hype and drug influenced information. Come on, lets find out what works now!!! No lost time on this site or in the gym.

My pledge to you is simple,the truth. Start your journey with a coach who has 35 years in the gym. Get excited, jump in and learn about weight lifting. Remember along the way to be safe and have fun. GET STRONG-BE STRONG-STAY STRONG. Thanks Ricky and Dorelys "The Weight Training coaches."

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